SkuTouch Introduces USPS Parcel Return Service

SkuTouch Introduces USPS Parcel Return Service

SkuTouch Solutions, recently received qualification from the United States Postal Service (USPS), to become their Parcel Return Service provider. As a result SkuTouch will continue to further its expansion of Click Parcel Returns (CPR). The approval comes after SkuTouch completed USPS’s stringent internal qualifications procedures.

Click Parcel Returns is a North American recovery network that eliminates unnecessary freight charges by taking advantage of multiple return, inspection, refurbishment and consolidation centers. The relationship with USPS gives SkuTouch immediate access to a comprehensive drop off, pick-up and distribution network adding convenience scalability, efficiency and cost effectiveness to the returns process.

About SkuTouch Solutions
Founded in 2006, SkuTouch Solutions specializes in the science of reverse logistics, offering contemporary products and services that automate the process of managing returns. Through an array of software products and turn-key services, SkuTouch Solutions helps retailers process and recover returns more efficiently, improve customer satisfaction, enhance the collection of marketing data and make asset recovery more profitable.

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