Customer Service

Consumer returns are a result of your success. Not addressing returns will lessen your success through reduction in your brand equity and lifetime customer value. The SkuTouch Group focuses on leveraging returns as part of your overall value proposition by providing your customers with merchandise return options to support your product positioning.

Products positioned and sold for their quality may have a return policy that includes easy prepaid returns to promote that quality. This may differ from a company division that sells overstock items at deep discounts where margins only allow for consumer paid returns. Regardless of your objectives, SkuRMS was developed as a rules-based returns management platform that can assist in implementing return policies to support your brand(s). This platform can assist with anything from shipping label generation to reselling returned/unused merchandise.

A returns management process should reflect both brand and product characteristics that is why we specifically tailor your returns program. You set the policy, and we streamline the process. From in-box return labels to an online return authorizations platform our SkuRMS platform supports the balance you need to maintain brand image while meeting the demands of your target market.

Service Highlights

  • Policy Creation and Enforcement
    • By Product
    • By Market
  • Capturing “Voice of Customer”
  • Advance Exchange
  • Maximize Salvage Value
  • Building Customer Loyalty

Case Studies

An outdoor adventure apparel company was getting pressure from their market to extend their return window for their products. To achieve this and maintain profitability and growth, the retailer had to qualify the items that would be eligible for a 180-day returning period. Items containing their original tags and not worn outside, along with defective product under the manufacturing warranty, were accepted. Based upon the combination of time, product, and return reason an auto determination who would be paying for the shipping for the return, the customer or the retailer was required.


The SkuTouch Solutions team worked with the client to define a set of “rules” that described the parameters they had in their return policy. This allowed for a general returns period of 180 days but had unique exceptions for warranty handling and deep discounted closeout items. Purchasers of their products were allowed to make a returns request through a webpage that was imbedded in the merchant’s sales site. Both return authorizations/return packing slip and shipping labels were provided to the customer.

A customer service portal was provided to the client where unique return requests could be handled including customer service override of return policy denials. These supervisory overrides provided the client with the flexibility required to systematically handle the real-world exceptions.