Our Team

SkuTouch has brought together a diverse group of individuals representing multiple cultures who can leverage their experience to benefit your organization. Our localized team approach mixes both current industry standards and regional methodologies to create innovative solutions.

Our team has expertise in many business and cultural aspects including product sourcing, supply chain management, market expansion, technology, and customer support. This wealth of knowledge allows us to use multiple viewpoints on market uniqueness and formulate well rounded solutions.

We provide you with world class supply chain management solutions to maximize your brand equity. This involves taking care of all the back-end processes and logistical aspects of your supply chain. From sourcing the material for your products all the way to delivering it to the destination, our team will help provide the representation that your products deserve.

Our diverse team members can also utilize their worldly experience to help you gain exposure to new markets. It is important to make your product available to as many different locations as possible. SkuTouch can help you make this a reality when we work together with your business.


SkuTouch can help you plan and manage all the resources that you need to meet the demand of your customers. Once we understand your supply chain requirements, we will review our portfolio of solutions and provide you with an enhanced value proposition. If elected, we provide a project plan with work breakdown structure so that you maintain tracking throughout the goal obtaining process. Your success is our success, and we take pride in helping you become more successful.


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