About Us

SkuTouch was founded in 2003.  We have progressed from a software provider to a complete multinational product distribution cycle provider. Because of this, we know what is involved in pushing forward through continuous improvement, and we would be honored to be a part of your improvement plan.

Business success is not created alone. Yes, it requires hard work and luck, but it also requires participating in the success of others. We owe gratitude to our amazing business partners who have been able to grow alongside us. Our technology, facilities, and multinational service partners give us the experience required to help businesses strengthen their supply chain and market their products without geographical borders.

SkuTouch can help expand the reach of your business by making your products readily available for consumers in new markets. The more locations you can offer your product, the more profitable your business will be, increasing your brand recognition around the world.

SkuTouch Solutions continues to develop its expertise in offering turnkey solutions to assist with product sourcing, supply chain, distribution, market expansion, and customer service needs. We offer a product centric cafeteria approach in providing solutions. This allows you to continue to make amazing products for your customers, as we help you deliver them.


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