Our Network

Our multinational network connects our partnerships and people with your product(s), expanding your brand reach both locally and globally.

Where We Specialize

North America, China, and Southeast Asia have been the manufacturing and population meccas that have offered us the most opportunities to provide solutions and add value to our client’s portfolio of products. Our in-country experts have developed both partnerships and processes that have paved the way for your products in those markets.

Supply Chain Logistics

Our supply chain services group, SkuGlobal, provides innovative and customized solutions to suit your business needs. SkuGlobal’s international network can retrieve goods directly from your manufacturing facility, warehouse them in the country, prepare for cross-border export, provide order fulfillment, and assist with the import/export process.

Together with our Asia based supply chain group, our turnkey integrated logistics system(s) remove the complexities of international supply chain and product movement and support, affording you seamless distribution to help your business grow and expand.

Our comprehensive logistics solutions have helped companies to focus on sales and scale their businesses rather than the daunting task of managing international logistics. Our solutions are fully customizable to suit your business requirements. We are here to help you every step of the way.