Brand and product positioning

Brand and product positioning

When distributing goods, there are different options for packaging, in-shipment documentation, and shipping services. Each choice you make in the distribution process says something different about your brand.


You have a range of shipping containers to choose from when shipping your product. Deciding what container to use usually depends upon the product’s weight and durability, but don’t overlook a product’s branding and positioning impact in the selection of a shipping container.

A customer’s experience may start at the shopping cart but must be fortified throughout the delivery process. The packaging of a product matters and so does the shipping containers that those products travel in. A balance must be maintained between costs and appeal of shipping containers. This balance is regulated by the branding and positioning goals of a product. The higher the goals, the more scrutiny the shipping supplies should be under.

A value positioned dress shirt may be shipped in a poly bag, but a designer dress shirt of the same weight and durability should be shipped in a properly fitted box. A unique product promoted through a Kickstarter program should arrive in a clean sturdy box while a similar general marketplace product may be shipped in a lower priced box.

Branded tape can also be used to accent a shipment in order to meet branding goals instead of using more expensive packaging options, such as a sturdier box.

In-shipment Documentation

Similar to shipping container selection, what goes inside the box with the product also fortifies branding and positioning. Documentation, like packing slips, are usually included in shipments from a branded site but are not as necessary when the orders are generated in price point focused marketplaces where limited repeat purchasing occurs and customer control is maintained by the marketplace.

Third party promotional materials may be included from a retailer that sells a variety of products but should be avoided from a niche retailer.

Shipping Service

With the increase in online shopping, the cost of shipping, and the lure of discounted shipping consolidators, the delivery service you select should reflect your product branding and positioning goals. If you have higher goals, then make sure to go with a shipping service that has consistent results.