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Southeast Asia has offered us the opportunity to establish operations where many consumer products are produced and/or assembled. Uniquely, we are able to offer product sourcing, quality management, and supply chain management to clients throughout the world from the region. Led by our Asia Direct Logistics (ADL) division, we offer solutions that require both an “in country” presence and understanding. Our offices and distribution facilities in China, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Vietnam provide localized solutions for your product procurement and market expansion requirements.

Leveraging technology, ADL is able to offer best in practice solutions for both domestic and international movements of products within a unified platform that services the needs of B2B and B2C clients. With over ten years of experience in the region, SkuTouch Group has realized that localized solutions are critical to ensure success. Project scopes requiring multiple regional solutions are brought together through our technology platforms that provide the standardization necessary to reduce complications and streamline the process and visibility.